Interactive Online Exhibition

Hints & Tips For Experiencing My Interactive Online Exhibition
As I'm not able to attend my usual shows to see you all and show you my latest original pieces I decided to try something new by launching my own interactive online exhibition.

Naturally, this is something new to me, and probably you as well. We using new and developing technology to try and bring you something new so below are some hints and tips on how to have the very best experience.

1. This is an interactive online exhibition
2. It is designed to be experienced on larger screens like on laptops, MacBooks, and desktop devices.
3. You can pause the video at any point to make hitting the hotspots on pieces easier.
4. When you click on a hotspot, it will show you a new video with a close up of the piece and links to the product
5. If using a safari browser, when you click a hotspot, you may need to click the play button again to view the close-up and product links